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Angle Chamfer Mills





The Angle Chamfer Mill is Vermont Indexable Tooling’s versatile chamfer mill.  The Angle Chamfer Mill can be used in all metal removal industries in many material types.  This tool is featured with the same two options as the Square Shoulder End Mill and Square Shoulder Face Mill tools.  The Angle Chamfer Mill series of tools come with both Weldon Shanks and Shell Mill mounts.  The Angle Chamfer Mill is able to top and bottom chamfer parts, face mill, and 90° included angle side mill (slotting). This is advantageous to a company that is searching for a truly All-In-One Tool.  The Weldon shank style of tools come standard the coolant thru the tool, the shell mill mount does not have coolant thru.  The combination of the Angle Chamfer Mill with the correct style of insert will allow this tool to be run in steels, cast irons, exotics and non-ferrous materials.

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