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Vermont Indexable Tooling’s wide array of up to date CNC and manual machines are all suited to meet our customers’ needs and to cut time in the manufacturing process. Whether it is our Multus B300 or one of our Haas VF3's with 5th axis capabilities; our machines are specially built to our requirements to provide the customer with the most time and productivity efficient options.  

Machine List

  • Okuma Multus  B300 7 axis with B300 S controller and bar feeder attachment
    (repeatability of .00005)
  • Bridgeport XR1000 with 5th axis capabilitiesIndexable Tooling
  • Haas VF3 with 5th axis capabilities (2)
  • Haas VF3 with 4th axis capabilities (3)
  • Haas VF6 with 4th axis capabilities
  • Haas VF2 with 4th axis capabilities
  • Haas SL30 with bar feeder
  • Haas SL20
  • Okuma 370
  • Manual lathe (3)
  • Bridgeport manual milling machine (5)
  • Norton cylindrical grinder
  • Surface grinder (3)
  • Hybco contour grinder
  • Master Cam version X7
  • Camworks 2014
  • Solid Works 2014
InspectionIndexable Tooling
  • Optical Comparator- Mitutoyo DJ-30
  • Optical Comparator-Jones Lamson Topic 22
  • Tool presetter- Gildemeister-De Vlieg
  • Tool presetter – Micro Set Eco. 1  
  • Extensive assortment of measuring equipment including, gauges, micrometers, calipers, etc...


* Standards, gauges, traceable to the Bureau of National Standards 


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