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 "As Production Manager I am in charge of ordering tooling and finding companies to build special tooling. I use Vermont Indexable Tooling.  We use the spot centering tool and they work amazing for centering, chamfering and general deburring. I have several Custom Indexable milling cutters that we use our production runs as well. Their Engineering/Quoting departments are both knowledgeable and timely. They are there to answer any questions with speed and feed issues on their tooling. I’ve have been very impressed with all aspects of Vermont Indexable Tooling and look forward to working with them in the future."

Production Manager

A Missouri Machine Shop


"I just wanted to let you all know that we tested the 43mm Back Spot Face Tool that you designed for us and we were really happy with it. We did not even have to use the rougher as was discussed. You will be hearing from the company that is doing our Turnkey about purchasing more tooling. I am just giving you a heads up."

Programmer/Manufacturing Engineer

A Major Construction Equipment Manufacturing  Company



"We switched to your offset tools and we were able to reduce our counter bore cycle time by a third."

Programmer /Manufacturing Engineer

A Power Generation Company


"The multi – step boring tool that you folks made for us has increased my production by 22%.Thank you so much. When can you come back and look at some more possibilities?"

Manufacturing Engineer

A Major Transportation Component Company



"I wanted to express my thanks to all the folks at Vermont Indexable for your excellent performance with the manufacture of our special cutting tools over the years.

Your engineering has been so helpful and patient in working with us to develop the fly cutters that are used extensively in our shop.  I understand how difficult it is to design a specific tool that utilizes an insert that you have no control over the size or shape of, while not even being able to see the actual geometry being machined.  Your Engineering team has been great to work with.

The extended length reverse boring bars you made for us have truly been a bonus, not only do we hold +/-.0001 on diameter when it is more than 13 times the diameter long, but we also hold .0002 true positions as well. We are very pleased with the performance of these tools.  They took part geometry that I thought was impossible and made it an everyday occurrence in our shop.

I could not be more pleased with your dedication to meeting our schedule, it seems as though every tool we order from Vermont Indexable is ordered with “over-night” shipping!  You all have met and exceeded our expectations time and again.  We count on you and I can honestly say you have never let us down.  I remember the last special tool we needed from you everyone was concerned if you could meet the one week delivery date.  I told them, we have nothing to worry about, that’s two days more than we gave them last time!"

Lead Manufacturing Engineer

 A Defense and Aerospace Company


"I was experiencing some very frustrating manual deburr problems which were also ergonomic problems, I was introduced to Vermont Indexable Tooling and asked them to come to my facility to analyze my process. Within 2 months I incorporated numerous dual countersink tools and that was 10 years ago. I have since eliminated all manual deburring in my plant and I now have over 45 Vermont Indexable tools running every day. I would have been lost without Vermont Indexable Tooling. They are the best."

Happy Customer

A Fortune 500 Company




"I just wanted to let you know we tested the Custom Front and Back Facing Head V14551 and reduced the cycle time 10 minutes from the machining process. We were really pleased.

I was just wondering if Vermont will have a booth at IMTS in September. We are planning on attending and if you will be there I would like to stop in and meet you."

NC Programmer

A Major Construction Equipment Manufacturer




"You have made two hollow mills for us and we’ve been very happy with them. I am trying to get one supplier for my indexable mills and drills so I don’t have to run all over trying to figure out who I bought my tools from and what inserts I need to buy. Basically I would like you to be my supplier so I can call one company and get everything I need in one spot."


A Steering and Suspension Company






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