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Our History


Vermont Indexable Tooling began producing indexable tools in a garage located in Vermont in the late 1980’s.  From its small humble beginnings to changing the market of manufacturing, Vermont Indexable Tooling has stayed true to the art of both Custom Indexable Tool and Standard Indexable Tool Manufacturing.

Throughout our history, we have been game changers in multiple ways. Our greatest innovation is the patented Back Spot Face / Back Counter bore tools.  These tools revolutionized the industry by allowing pump and valve manufacturers to eliminate operations, saving time and money.

 In 1993 Vermont Indexable Tooling developed the spot tool in 144° for high performance drilling, and soon after, added several other degrees such as: 82°, 90° and 120°. The spot drill has become a staple item for machine shops in many industries including aerospace, defense, automotive and heavy equipment. 

Five years after the development of the spot drill, Vermont Indexable Tooling outgrew it's building and moved to a larger building in Milton Vermont. This move allowed Vermont Indexable Tooling to add additional equipment including a CNC lathe and CNC mill to increase capacity, specifically in our standard indexable tool line.

 In 2007 Vermont Indexable Tooling again moved to a larger facility in Fairfax Vermont. During this time Vermont Indexable Tooling expanded on the stock indexable tool line, and continued pushing the limitations of custom Indexable tooling.  While at this location the business grew and developed new designs in indexable tooling.

Indexable Tools

In 2012, Vermont Indexable Tooling was purchased by Warren and Jo Ellen Snover, who also own and operate R&D Machine in Red Bud, Illinois.  Soon after the purchase, Vermont Indexable Tooling’s new owners invested 1.5 million in new machinery to better serve customers and to allow Vermont Indexable Tooling’s team to better manage complex custom indexable tooling.  Since then, the company has consolidated and relocated to Red Bud, Illinois, just a few miles away from St.Louis, Missouri. This consolidation has allowed Vermont Indexable Tooling to provide: improved cost savings to our customers, allow Vermont Indexable Tooling to expand its standard indexable tooling line, expand our customer base, and improve our talent base within the company.

The future for Vermont Indexable Tooling is an ever expanding one; we are constantly taking steps towards the future, looking for new indexable tooling capabilities, and other possibilities that push the limits of indexable tooling. 




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